Paul Hirshfield
Artist Statement

I am a self-taught acrylic painter in the abstract medium. I create multi-media pieces as well as Landscapes and other visuals.

I work spontaneously in the creative moment, never knowing what size canvas or content will fill each piece.

As an artist I have created a means of developing my own colors beyond the primary & black and white.

I create my art based on the world around me as a reflection of what I see, so sometimes you will see jagged lines etc., as a reflection of the non-perfect, human aspects of society.

I create very simple subject matter, yet powerful statements in each piece.

Among my influences are Jackson Pollock, Willem DeKooning, Mark Rothko, & Clyfford Still.

In the future, I plan to work more in Multi-Media, Sculpture, and Installation Media.

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All works available for purchase below are original acrylic on canvas those available as collections are listed below Pieces are varying sizes

SUNSET COLLECTION Nuclear Sunset Dusk Twilight
The Sunset Collection
GARDEN COLLECTION Alien Back Rose The Poisoned Garden?

Tears of Joy

The Sunset Collection

Moonscape Starscape Into the Void Hands of Hell

Window to Your Soul Into the Horizon NYC is a Gift Gay Isn't to Hate

Veined Lungs